Im noticing more scripts lately, are these players getting banned?

Mod Skin Dota 2

I get constant messages from my friends encountering scripters in their games.

One guy sent me a video of a techies killing a Wraith king 3 times with his mines, perfectly layering for each kill even without having the Wraith king on his perspective.

That is just one example out of probably 10 pretty obvious scripting incidents in the last 10 days.

I just played a game against a pretty bad Bristleback, who constantly managed to use Eul scepter on our Axe from fog. I have rewatched the replay, and his mouse movement was super wierd, and it was obvious that he was scripting. Even when he used Eul scepter to counter initiate, he always turned on his blade mail at the same second, which made it even more obvious.

Yesterday a meepo player even admitted in all chat that he was scripting when all of his clones appeared at the same time, every time.

I noticed that some of these players have had previous VAC bans this year. Why are these players not perma banned, and why are they allowed to create new accounts without getting tracked?

Personally, i have never felt that scripts were rampant, as i never really noticed them before, but these players aren't even trying to hide them.


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