I’m really curious, Please tell me your reason (serious)

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Why do you play dota?
Gaming is just for fun but imo dota is more of a way of life for its players who have a minimum of 1k hours (20 AAA games)just to be called an official noob

In my experience (about 1.5k hours ) there is a chance that in each of my games there will be a griefer in my team or I will get to actually play my hero normally
This seems like a gamble for time don't you think?
No matter how well you play if there's a good chance (about 40%) that's someone in your team will either AFK in fount, run down mid, or sell their items(god forbid they don't play their assigned roles), then why play?
I'm not complaining about a free game don't get me wrong I love the game as much as the next guy but
I want to know from you guys , why gamble away your time? 40% chance you will just waste 30 mins of your day not having any fun
I don't know if it's just me (10k behaviour score so it is not my score) that is affected by griefers 4/10 games at least and I'm not even counting players who are just bad at the game coz I'm shit at the game too , I'm talking GRIFERS

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