I’m seriously disappointed in myself for not ‘properly’ playing Reserve earlier after tonight

Yep. I’ve been playing since mid 2018, and I barely touched the map outside of the few quests there are on it. Why? Well… As a noob to the game I got my ass handed to me by raiders when Labs was brand new at the time.

When Reserve came out and I heard Raiders roamed there I didn’t even bother; in my mind it was gonna be Labs light, full of sweatlords and raiders.

But something inside me snapped today. After coming out of an Interchange raid I just randomly looked up a key guide, bought a few Reserve keys and started lobbying up for the raid.

After having opened the 5-6 rooms or so, I was left with a pilgrim full of disappointing loot. No folders of intelligence, no valuable weapon mods and with a scav kill to my name, I headed undergrounds to D2, slightly dissapointed with the stories of insane profits I read online in the back of my head.

Then it happened – I was about to turn left into the hallway where the powerswitch is located and the hermetic door alarm went off. Immediately the bunkers started filling with raiders.

I walk out the hallway, lob a grenade down range and they scatter like cockroaches but I mow them all down as they run away.

I turn the power on and even more spawn. I’ve killed them all, neary dying from my own grenade which took out my right arm and leg.

Then I loot up with actual valuebles; AS VAL’s, surpressors, helmets. I eventually extracted with 500k in actual loot and 14k in XP.

The rush I had during all that was insane. What the hell was I thinking holding of Reserve in so long?! In hindsight, the raiders aren’t that bad. If anything, I know view them as juiced up scavs. Maybe they were easier since it was close quarters, who knows.

And that was my little story on how it took one raid for me to get over my fear of raiders and intimidation of the Reserve map. I hope I’ll conquer labs too one day! But that 250k per entrance though…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p7qiq6/im_seriously_disappointed_in_myself_for_not/

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