I’m sure it’s been complained about multiple times but the survivalist path Tough guy can lick my balls.

Really douchey that you need to restart it. Finally I finish it and hey I guess I didn’t restart it. I completed the quest fully, wholly and perfectly but I didn’t hit the “restart quest” button ahead of time. Fuck right off.

Make that shit restart every time you leave a woods raid. I wasn’t even thinking about the quest when it locked up on me. I was doing another quest.

I know this game is hardcore and everything and part of its hardcore ness is navigating menus (oooo baby) but gimme a fucking break.

Eat a dick in advance to everyone who is about to jump on the game’s side on this one. I Just want to vent. Ya pricks.

Also btw I used a popular streamers guide to help me with this quest. Little did I know he fucking half assed it and didn’t mention the most important thing which is you need to restart the mission every time you fail. What a joke.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ilgjyi/im_sure_its_been_complained_about_multiple_times/

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