I’m tired being called delusional for saying Nigma deserved to be at TI

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I agree I am a bit salty, but I also have facts to back me up.
First of all this is The International, it's not a netflix series where we want diversity, we want to watch the best teams in the world fight for the 40M $ prize pool.

Now for the DPC rules, I don't care EU was trash all season and it would have been the same result for them even if the DPC leagues would give no points.
It's just not fair to get points that qualifies you to an international event, for winning an internal league, on top of that you also get seeded directly to playoffs on a major.
Money? Sure, give out even more, to sustain teams in these hard times, but let them prove themselves at a LAN, that they deserve to participate at TI.

Regarding team Nigma, why should I be called delusional? People saying they were trash all season, classic reddit short term memory. They didn't look amazing, but still far
from trash. They qualified for Singapore major(Secret was still in form in those qualifiers) and had to play there wild cards with a stand-in.
They qualified for Animajor, played 29 games and won 7 series there, just to lose to the winners and the runner-ups. After winning that many games and still didn't getting
enough points to qualify directly for TI, moral was kinda low, but they still lost in the TI EU qualifiers only to OG(a team that plays in the main even at TI in the UB).

While they weren't amazing during the season, they kinda showed up near the end of it and I feel like they are more deserving than other teams that went to TI, teams like the
ones from SA.
Look at Beastcoast 0 points at major, won a first and a second place in a far less competitive region. Didn't go to Singapore major(imagine getting 500 points for not going,
to a LAN, while the 2nd place gets 450, baffled) and went to Animajor just to lose all the series.

Thunder Predator had a 2nd place and a 3rd place finishing in their internal league, they looked good at the Singapore major, you can argue they had the same performance as
Nigma, but they had that performance 7 months ago. Lets not forget that in the previous DPC iterations, the tournaments closer to TI gave more points.
Should a decent result on a tournament that was played so far back really secure you a direct invite to TI? The fact that they went 0-16 at TI,
shows me it shouldn't be enough.

SGE just got there, cause they were the 3rd best team from that region…nothing more to say. Honestly that should have been Beastcoasts slot.

Last but not least, I dare to say these following things. Alliance got 1st place in EU only because they literally had 6 players in their games(PPD being the 6th).
And EU is still much better overall than SA, the 5th place in EU could probably finish first in SA, but we will never know that.

I'm pretty sure if Nigma was at TI, they could have done better than 0-16 or 2-14….form is temporary, class is permanent.

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