I’m too dumb for this DLC

I cant undertand what is happening, there's so many of very strange things. Firstly, after the update, the game switched its internet adapter to hamachi(and not my wifi as it always was), and i found out that was the problem causing failure of connecting to frontier's servers only in five hours. Then, it turned out my pc(nvidia 1060 6 gb, 16 GB ram, i5) can only run this fckin update on low settings in 30-45 fps and it was very disapointing. After completing the tutorial i went to the shop in the waiting section of station i was docked to and then there was so many bullshit. My flying suit was black and not white as it always was in holo-me and my character looked so much uglier than always. I also wasn't able to customise the suit i bought(thought it shows that i got pioneer's suit but ok)so i just let it by default. I also bought some weapon and headed to bounty hunter mission. I flew to that planet and landed there, and then it turned out the suit and the weapon i bought weren't nor in my inventory nor in ship's one. I thought like "okay, i'm gonna deal with that dude by default pistol" and then headed to turn of the power of the town to open a door to the building that dude was in. Cool plan huh? Not for local police, they just fucking immediately shot me while i was not even half the way to the power station. Then i spawned in some cage on some station and not with mine ship, i dont fucking know where's my ship now. The idea of that DLC is so exciting but playing it hurts my mental health

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