Imagine the Elite servers shut down tomorrow. Within hours modders perform their magic and the game is playable locally on PC. What does that game actually look like?

With the talk of elite approaching end-of-life lately (whether right or wrong), I've begun thinking about the time the elite servers eventually shut down and what, if anything, of the game would actually be playable or salvageable if anyone still cared.

We know things like missions are all generated on the server. The BGS is all obviously on the server. I'd expect there'd be no multiplayer at all, but it is currently peer-to-peer so maybe a gifted mod community could do something without central servers if the work was put in.

Does the Galaxy and its star systems exist locally? Would these be limited only to systems that have been visited by a commander previously (and therefore had their details procedurally fleshed out on the servers), or does the generation of a newly visited system occur on the local machine of the visiting commander AND THEN get uploaded to the fdev servers?


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