Impact on power on Interchange

Just wanted to get people opinion on power on Interchange.

I personally think it is a bad mechanic as no one individually has interest into switching it on.

Let me explain. To my knowledge, power unlock 3 loots zone list bellow + safe room exit.

– Kiba

– Ultra medical storage

– Container in south parking

However, those loot zone are basically at the opposite of the power switch meaning that

– power spawn is one of the worst to go there

– if you don't spawn at power, going there then going back to the mall is taking way to long.

On top of that any player will immediately knows that power is on when safe room exit will be highlighted in green. Which means that the player switching power is very unlikely to benefit from it.

So we are now in a position where it is more valuable to camp power (spawn is bad anyway, so you probably won't get any valuable loot, except the one you can scrap in IDEA, which is from my experience not amazing) because players may miscalculate and think it is advantageous to go hit power themselves and it is is on the hidden cache route.

For me, power is only valuable in squad of 4 or 5 where they split, one group to hit power and one group to take position and secure the loot, which I am not even sure it is worth (I am not playing squads).

One idea I have to fix it, and to incentivise people spawning on power to hit power would be to add an other loot zone unlocked by it either on power station or on IDEA side of the mall, so people have interest into switching it on. Does not need to be amazing, could be just a bunch of computer, or a tech spawn with a low chance to drop a graphic card, or an intel spawn with low rate, I don't know.


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