Imposter Soul Shop – New Among Us Concept

Earlier today, I came up with an idea for Among Us – Imposter soul shop. What I mean by that is, as an imposter, Instead of faking a common task, you can press use and enter the soul shop. (The task and place will be set for every game and both crewmates and imposters will know the location of it – and it does not change between game to game). Sadly I am not an art designer so I can't actually design or draw my ideas, hopefully you still quite understand them.

Everytime you get a kill as an imposter, you get one soul. With those souls, you can purchase imposter
upgrades. The upgrades that I thought would be most fun, fair and not frasturating are:

  • On The Sheld: you have two options; you can buy with one soul +1 second to walls, so they stay a bit longer. Or you can decrease by a bit the time of the vent in and out animation, so it happens quicker.

-On Polus: you have two options; you can buy with one soul so after you use walls, there are more buttons needed to open the wall. Or decrease vent in and out animation time.

-On mira: I didn't find an idea besides decreasing the vent animation time.

Also possible:
You need to "pay" two souls for that, and the imposters can stack in up so each pays one, to buy an Imposter map, just like the admin map, but in red colors (like the sabotage one) for the imposters in the location of the task.
I find this idea interesting but maybe not that good.

Also, things that the shop shouldn't mess around with are vision, kill cooldown and player speed.

I want to make it clear, the the shop has to be instead of a common task, so everyone has it and you cannot be accused by doing it. Also it adds interesting play as the imposter cannot be caught doing it twice or the crewmates will know.

I think this will be very fun and interesting.

shop for imposters by paying souls that are gained after a kill instead of a common task for interesting upgrades.


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