Imprisonment Suggestion

Yennefer's Journey

I know we just got a big content infusion, but Imprisonment has been languishing in the ranks of NG for a while, so I thought I'd share a suggestion inspired by NR's Uprising (pun intended).

New Imprisonment:

Order: lock a unit.

Charge: 2

Once all charges have been used, spawn and play Slave Driver.

Adds 14 provisions.

Using both charges in one round will give a 2 point body, at least 4 damage, and 2 locks, which seems reasonable. This keeps the 6 points given by the current Imprisonment, but removes the anti-synergy it has with cards like Vanhemar and Vattier. It also allows locking of allied units which might be useful in fringe scenarios like vs Rot Tosser. I'd like to hear what people think of this change, because I'd actually want to play this leader. The only concern I have is Vanhemar can insta delete any unit with just 1 charge without sacrificing the 3 damage from the old version, instead only sacrificing 1 extra Slave Driver damage in most cases. The best solution I have is making it give less provisions.


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