Improvements that I think should be made to this game

Now hear me out, Among Us is a game I love playing with my friends, and something I also like playing with Public Lobbies, but recently, I've been getting just frustrated at Public Lobbies a lot more than usual. Here's a small list of what could be done to improve playing the game. I love playing with my friends, but I'd like to play with more people other than my friends as well, which is the main reason for why I made this list.

1: Adding a Voice Chat option for Public Lobbies-: I don't think this is something that people will disagree with. While it may take some time, it's really frustrating to only communicate with text in the game. People in Public Lobbies always get confused with some tactics I use and vote me before I can give my explanation for doing what I'm doing. I hate it when this happens, it's no where near fun to play like this in Public Lobbies.

2: Adding a Ranked Game Mode-: Something that again will take a whole lot of time, but will make the game a lot better in my opinion. A ranked game mode for among us is basically like this-:

I: A kick option, but this time, you also have to enter a reason for why you kicked off the person.II: A Game Mode with already set settings for all of the maps.

Yeah that's kinda it. They can use the Elo rank system or something that works in this case.

3: A Rule-Set option-: Just a complimentary thing where people can put their own rule set for their lobby. Stuff like: No asking for editing settings, No being rude, and all that stuff.

Again, I love playing Among Us, this is just my opinion about the changes that could be made to the game.


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