Impteractive Story Pt. 2

-Splorch!, -Splorch! The impostors went brr and vented away.

Dead Body Reported!

Red: It's FlipIQ and RedSus! I was on call with my discord mate, Black and Blue.

FlipIQ: Vote the discord cheater out. We don't want him here, do we?

Green: I hate discord cheaters! Get them out of here!

RedSus: Read my name, people.

Red: Noo! Trust me pls, FlipIQ and RedSus are the impostors! Discord will win everything soon!

FlipIQ: Get the frick outta here, Red. No discord cheaters allowed.


Red Was Not An Impostor But A Discord Cheater. 2 Impostors Remain.

Green: Yes! We got the discord noob outta here!

FlipIQ: Yea, we did. But do you remember there are still 2 imps left?

Green: Oh… I trust you guys. Please don't kill me ok?

RedSus: We won't, we'll use you as our alibi!

Green: Ok, fine. As long as you don't sabotage lights I won't report this.

Pink: Hey, what's going on? Why are you guys together?

Brown: Oh, look! A lively crew! Can I join please?

FlipIQ: Yes, you may, but only you and Pink. I don't want a double kill happening without us knowing!

RedSus: Well, imma go do my tasks. See ya, Flip!

FlipIQ: Yea, see you! *evil glance*

Pink: So, that leaves Purple, White, Cyan, and RedSus together.

Brown: Does task…

Green: Does task…

Pink: Does card swipe…

FlipIQ: Fakes download…

FlipIQ: Well, imma go catch up with RedSus. I want to check if he is dead or not.

Pink: Can we come?

FlipIQ: No, not this time, I'm sorry.

Green: That's ok. As long as we're together, we will win!

Pink: Yes! We will!


Dead Body Reported

FlipIQ (Privately to RedSus): What? I thought we were the only imps!

RedSus (Privately to FlipIQ): Yeah, me too! It looks like there is a hacker among us!

Purple: Black is dead! What is happening?

Pink: I swear, I saw the hacker Green kill!

Green: Hacker? That's you!

Cyan: Woah woah, please calm down. We can't figure out who the hacker is unless we have solid evidence!

Green and Pink: He vented! He killed Black! He was going to kill me!

Purple: That's not enough evidence. Wait, Cyan, where were you?

Cyan: I was with you, remember?

Purple: Ohh, yeah. Who shall we vote?

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