In Defence of Abandoning toxic games

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TL;DR: I think abandoning and "ruining" the other player's match is fine when the team mates are toxic and actually impacting your mood. Thoughts?

Hi all, I wanted to start a discussion that must have happened on this page, but I can't find it. I'm very interested in what are you guys' thoughts on the matter, so please let me know what's your logic on this one.

I think that if you are being relentlessly attacked by your team mates and they are impacting your mood negatively, you have all the rights to leave the game. I'm fully aware you may risk going on low priority and the other consequences the game forces you to face, and I think that it's a way to punish toxic behaviour: you think it's cool to keep bullying a team mate? Great, play 4v5. Oh now you have less chance of winning? Well shucks, I wonder if you had something to do with it.

Do I think this strategy to punish bad behaviour works? I'm not sure. It's hard to believe that someone will think he did anything wrong after leaving/afking a game. But if I'm tilted 'cause I got endlessly flamed I think I will feel shitty even if we end up winning the game. So I feel it's justifiable to bring the others down with you.

At the end of the day a game of dota should be an intensive but fun experience. It's less fun when you're losing badly, and it's an atrocious experience when you are being flamed no matter how the game is going.

What do you guys think?

P.s: I don't believe that ranked is that sacred place where techies players shouldn't pick techies or new strats shouldn't be tried. I think it's a bit annoying when one of your team mates do things like these and just can't make it work, but you're not entitled to win a match or to increase your mmr. If you think you can win only when everyone else in the team is a good player thant you're most likely a shitty player.


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