In odyssey is there going to be a better system to transport your friends in a single ship besides multicrew seats? Like a crew hold or something?

Before y'all respond i understand everyone could fly their own ship, or just deal with limited multicrew seating.

But that's dumb. I have 2 friends who specifically dont want to play ED until odyssey because they arent big on the flight sim part (weird i know) yet they are super interested in the upcoming ground stuff. Which i understand to a degree. This game is a massive sandbox and having a system besides simply space flight sim is a good idea. Especially if it gets improved more and more. So are their options just fly their own shitty ships along side whatever i have to where we need to go? Or will i potentially have to gimp myself and buy a ship i dont necessarily want but it has multi crew seats?

We need a crew hold module or something, right? Like if i want to bring a chieftan to whatever ground mission, i have a spare seat for one guy, sure. But what about my other 2 friends who honestly couldnt care less about learning the flight stuff in detail? I understand some people's answers will be "too bad, learn it" but i think that'll just push people away from the game if there's no easier way from dudes that just want to do ground ops to play with pilots. Imo if my friends want to play with me but they just need a space taxi or air support i dont think they should have to worry as much about their ship skills.


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