Increased or perceived increase in hacking result of flea level change?

Disclaimer: This is not a complaint of hacking or flea level change, merely a discussion of their potential relationship.

I recently read an article that said the following and it got me thinking about this topic

“arms race between Battlestate and the RMT cheat community

Level 10 seems relatively easy enough but 20 for someone who has to work FT+OT now know their time investment has now doubled. 1 month to get level 10 now takes 2+ months to just get to availability of competitive tier equipment – factoring out the time to get the cash to get it. At this point in the wipe a majority of people have access to flea and the guy who can play 1-2 times for an hour or two each week can't take 2 steps in shoreline before getting smacked down with a thermal (over exaggeration but its for context)

Since flea level doubled this wipe and RMT is way up, I am wondering if there is any [potential] correlation and what you all think – thoughts?

EDIT 1: The amount of hours and how much they are able to play is for context – simply put – RMT being driven by those who saw flea doubled from level 10 decided to take the easy way out

EDIT 2: "hacking" in title is an overarching word for all forms. It was poorly worded as my point was as mentioned above in edit 1


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