Inertia will be bad for the game. Yes I said it.

Please read before you make a conclusion about my title.

My concern is that I have been watching this subreddit for a while, and I have seen some baffling threads about the current state of PVP. My concern is that the majority of people that start theese threads demanding that some sort of inertia HAS to be implemented, aren't really playing the game at the highest ceiling and to it's full potential. What I'm trying to convey, is that they still haven't reached a level of skill that makes this game incredible in so many ways that others games can't ever deliver. I fear that they 'conceal' their true meaning in their post as they've not yet mastered and haven't reached the absolute top skill ceiling quite yet. I feel like they have prematurely come to a conclusion before they have reached the height and the true rewarding gameplay which I and so many others thrive in.

I reached the ceiling quite fast. Sub 100 hours I was playing solely labs. I know this is going to sound like I'm full of myself, but I've played CSGO competitively among other FPS games in the recent past at a very high level. Tarkov is something special entirely. Tarkov have hit me and other high skilled players in way that no other game has done ever. This game is close to true greatness, there is absolutely no doubt. What I'm fearing is that some people want to make this game into something it probably was meant to be in the past, but shouldn't become. It should embrace it's uniqueness and evolve further on the success and not on the vision of the past. It shouldn't succumb to a niche-genre that many of the 'mil-sim' crowd want it to be (I'm sorry, but Tarkov has the potential to achieve greatness.) and should absolutely target the 'mainstream' (sorry) crowd.

My concern is that I've seen countless threads in recent time that wants to address inertia of all problems considered. My honest worry is that the people that start thoose threads 'conceal' their true meaning of their post. They're prematurely coming to a conclusion that 'a-d, a-d spamming movement' and bunnyhopping* is hurting the core gameplay of the game and that there needs to be movement inertia, (input lag on movement) that is absolutely needed to solve pvp in favour of 'tactical' gameplay. First of all, I cannot stress enough how ridiculous the claim about bunnyhopping as a core 'chad' mechanic of top tier pvp. Never once in my entire Tarkov career have I ever seen somebody bunnyhop* or 'halo-jump' a corner to their advantage. This does NOT EVER happen in high skill lobbies. The only time this ever happen is when Michael Jordan* himself is making a pleasant appearance.

In reality I'm playing with the top mechanically players every week (Excluding Mr. Jordan's flying appearence) and as the CURRENT meta is playing out, is that the gameplay is extremely extremely slow. Even in labs. The abundance of M61 and 995 is making the average Tarkov playerbase tremble sadly. Almost everyone is playing extremely cautious. That isn't fun. My friends aren't playing anymore. They absolutely hate getting killed in a split second by someone they don't even see. This is my fear, that everyone is so afraid of moving that they all stay stationary holding corners, playing 'tactically' making every raid dead and unforgiving. That is what inertia will complement even more. The 'nerf' of movement will encourage holding corners and holding your ground, instead of engaging in rewarding and fun gameplay. Of all my heart I'd wish everyone could be equally skilled atop the everest skill-ceiling of the game. It's truly a incredible rewarding experience that no other game can provide you. I just wish the casual playerbase could embrace the learningcurve and strive for the incredible gameplay that we 'level 70' players come back for every wipe. I want that that experience for everyone, and I conclude that inertia will hinder that experience.


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  • Vlood 07.07.2021 in 11:20

    If you want to play an esports game, great you have dozens to choose from. Tarkov is not supposed to be an arcade game. Movement is currently a joke in this game, max strength and stamina let’s you bunnyhop across open areas, strafe at the speed of sound, and run across the map in a couple minutes.

    Slow tactical play is punished and running and gunning is rewarded. This is not what anyone has in mind when Tarkov was advertised, and if bsg caters to twitch streamers and esports kids I and many other people will abandon this game.

  • Kim 14.07.2021 in 07:23

    Where this article lost me was when he said “not every lobby has bunny hoppers.” This isn’t the point of why interia is being added to the game… Interia is being added, because BSG’s goal was and always has been to create the most realistic FPS shooter ever made. If people are using this to gain an advantage in any lobby, regardless of whether or not it’s a competitive or non competitive one, takes away from the potential this game has to be that realistic shooter. This is why bunny hopping needs to be removed from the game completely, and inertia needs to be added.

  • stupidcasuals 10.08.2021 in 07:50

    You idiots in the comments really don’t know how to read. He has valid points. Tarkov *was* supposed to be the most realistic FPS but the community certainly changed that and it should stay relatively the same as to what it is now. One of two things are going to happen: they implement these changes, now all lobbies are boring, little to no pvp with the majority of people ratting around, and the game dies. Or, they work on what Tarkov has turned into and shape it according to that, keep its players, and the game thrives. Tarkov’s PVP and weapon machanics are UNMATCHED. Taking away from core gameplay that has brought so many people to Tarkov in the first place by negating it with “inertia” and basically nerfing the way “chads” play is going to turn a lot of people away from the game. Just face it, you’re only complaining about “chads” and bunnyhopping because you’re a shit, casual player that hops on a couple times of the week, dies, then gets mad because someone won the gunfight. This game is not meant to be played casually. The game still can be played slow (watch Klean) and easily win against “chads”. These features will ruin the game.

  • Papp 07.09.2021 in 17:23

    After playing Tarkov for the last few years and learning how to win gunfights by spamming strafe I can wholly say you dont know what you are talking about. The sad truth is that the only reason wiggling works as well as it does is because the netcode cant keep up with your janky movements. Its an abuse of a system trying its best, and it allows you to stomp new people who havent figured out the counter-intuitive strategy to gaming the system, which is constant because there is no matchmaking. This is why i think you have such an over-inflated view of your own skill. Inertia will make it so a well aimed shot is a hit, no amount of dancing by the enemy will change that. it works in real life, it will work in tarkov. deal with it

    The ego it takes to say that the developers misunderstand their own vision for the game and that they should turn it into yet another twitch movement shooter is hilarious and so out-of-touch, its not surprising you deleted your reddit account after posting this. I would too haha

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