Infrared Cam on Skeld

Hey ppl

I don't know about you but I find cams on Skeld to be super strong. I mean the areas they cover is fine, except maybe for the one showing the entrance of navigation, which is too powerful in my opinion but that's not the point i wanna make.

I especially feel that cams are powerful during light sabotage. This one is not a killing blow, but can serve to hide your true position while you're slicing someone. And if someone is at security during lights sabotage, he can still see as clear as day.

I was thinking about a way to reduce a little bit the might of security checks is that particular case and came up with this idea : when lights are down, anyone can still use the cams in security to see exactly the same areas. However, cams are now infrared mode, which means you can see ppl passing by but you can't identify them. It's like all black and white and you see all the ppl as the same color. That way, you can check where there are ppl but not who they are.

I think i would be a good way to both : nerf the cams; and add a extra bit of fun.

What do you think about it ? Do you agree with me about how the cams are powerful as they are ? Do you like this idea ? Do you have ideas to make it even better ?


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