Inside scoop regarding cosmetics this battle pass

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I’ll release other details on a later date but I’ll share this

This year there will be no terrain cosmetics in both the battle pass

Reason: valve has decided to cut down on it as it’s a huge strain to re-edit and update each different terrain every map update

For instance less than .01% of players use the dessert terrain but it has to be updated and checked meticulously to ensure there’s no bugs with it , cause unlike broken hero cosmetics , such a difference is game breaking and can cause a much bigger outrage

The amount of time and work put in to updated old terrains isn’t worth it as compared to releasing new cosmetics

Old terrains don’t bring in money

So it’s been decided that terrains gonna be a much rarer thing to release now

Other facts , gaben newel (gaben) is currently obsessed with the bts meal

Sources: trust me im literally big CHUNGUS


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