Instead of just untying In-game Bitcoin to real-world price…

BSG decided it would be wiser to:

  • increase GPU craft recipe time and requirements twice
  • increase VPX craft recipe time and requirements
  • Nerf Bitcoin farm generation not once, not twice, but 3 separate times.
  • Reduced fuel spawns to near non-existent
  • nerfed AND limited the Tetriz trade, to the point where the item is worthless
  • doubled, then DOUBLED AGAIN the requirements for the solar farm. Now impossible to ROI
  • Eventually conceded and just started directly nerfing the price of bitcoin anyways.

& There's plenty more I'm sure I'm missing.

This could have all been avoided if they didnt tie the price to the real life coin. Its a cool Gimmicky Idea but clearly fails in execution.

I think the best idea would be a system similar to the turnips in animal crossing where they have random highs and lows each day. wouldn't be hard to set fair upper and lower limits, and would still let players play the market.

Now that bitcoin is worthless, do you think BSG will revert all these changes?


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