Interchange is honestly the best map gameplay wise, and here is why…

So a lot of streamers seems to hate/dislike interchange.

  • It's too dark

  • The rendering inside with outside particles

yadayada, yes, it has it's flaws. But it's legit the only map that enforce that you have to be proactive on the map to get the spicy loot.

Idk about you, but having your spawn determind if you can get good loot or not, it's boring. A pistole guy rushing the best rooms on shoreline? Boring and kills the game.

Not on interchange.

Spawn doesn't matter on interchange, yes you need keys, but you need power to open the doors. And this is just where all the tactics comes in. Do you go and turn on the power? Are you gonna disable the alarm first to be more stealthy? What if someone turns on the power before you? Did Killa spawn this raid? So many things to decide, so many things to adapt too. No raid is the same on interchange, it just has such a nice flow. And it's a shame so many dislike it.


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