Interchange Looting Discussion

I’m curious to hear what different looting strategies the community has for Interchange.

For myself, my strategy has slowly changed over the years of playing but right now here is what I’ve been doing and it usually results in success for me unless I run into those damn exfil campers.

Spawn dependent, I usually rush straight into underground OLI and run up through the hole in the floor right below Rasmussen and can usually beat other players to that spot (you have to be quick). I’ve been quite lucky in there with Tetriz’s and with the barter trade and bitcoin prices right now its a guaranteed 400k even if I die.

From here I listen for players and either loop my way around to the upstairs Techlight if the power has been turned on by running into Goshan and through the Computer room that has a staircase leading to the top floor of the mall. Here is where I either encounter another player(s) most of the time and either decide to sneak in and ambush or just let him pass and accept that I’ve lost this looting opportunity. Most of the time, this early in the wipe, the pharmacy is usually still locked and I was lucky enough to find the key so I’ve been finding the odd LEDX when this run is pulled off properly.

At this point I usually make the decision to either escape (with found LEDX), or loot the copious amounts of cabinets in The National on 1st floor before leaving.

For me, this strategy has worked well, but I am curious to hear of your guys’ looting routes!

Cheeki breeki.


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