Interest in Speedrunning blueprint building?

I only play StW now for Vbucks to use in BR (and my interest in BR is hanging on by a thread.) However, I still love building: defense, BtR, whatever. The lack of permanence outside of SSDs really hampers it, though, and SSDs themselves also don't interest me; I need a long-term goal or finish point to enjoy building. Thus I get the most fun when doing Build the Radar missions (the only type of mission I can do, if I can help it) and trying to build each radar as fast as possible.

That got me wondering: Would anyone else be interested in building from a competitive or speedrunning standpoint? There's potential for various categories, and the idea is to time building from the moment the first structure is placed until the radar is activated (except for noob%).

  • any% – as fast as possible, no limits
  • min% – as fast as possible but building any structure outside of the blueprint is failure
  • build% – Like min%, but instead of outright failing each additional structure is a penalty (like 5 seconds or something) so there's potential strategy for larger buildings
  • husk% – Any of the other categories, but you have to fight an endless wave of husks while building
  • noob% – Time starts from spawning and includes gathering the mats needed to build

Then there could be sub-categories for each blueprint, class, and a Mercenary modifier (where your loadout cannot include perks for running, jumping, building, etc., so its' pure skill.) husk% would likely require an explicit addition to the game (perhaps it could be done in Creative?). noob% would also be hard due to the sheer RNG.

I'm just thinking aloud here, but if there seems to be moderate interest I'd look into "formalizing" it. (Or if someone else wants to first, that's great.)


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