Interesting and inconsistent interaction: a missed opportunity

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I noticed a quirky interaction with the Master Mirror card: he considers "your faction" not to be the faction of your starting deck, but the faction of your current leader ability.

Aren't those always the same? No, because Nilfgaard can, for the purposes of Master Mirror, change their faction. Is this useful? Not really.

But it did get me thinking; what other cards read specifically what faction I'm playing?

Tourney Shaelmaar boosts self by 2 for each unit under your control from "a different faction…"

If I use Anna Henrietta to make Deadeye Ambush my leader ability, Master Mirror thinks my faction is Scoiatael. If I play tourney Shaelmar when my faction is Scoiatael, then the Daerlan Soldiers and Mage Assassins all over my board are "from a different faction," and Shaelmar should boost self by 20-30 points.

Alas, after beautiful setup with Idarran, Operator, Daerlans, Informants, Vrygheff, all the bronze thinners —the works— I play Tourney Shaelmaar to the ranged row… And nothing, I am left to lament my 4-for-8 brick.

It seriously makes me wonder why Shaelmaar's description doesn't just say "for every unit that is not Neutral or Nilfgaardian"


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