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Guys, I want your opinion on this Overwatch Case that I reviewed. Basically, I want to know if I failed or not. Now here's the story:

The replay marker started with Ursa (reported player as Feeding) playing as Carry in Archon bracket, running down the mid lane at level 3 pre-5 mins in the game. There's a short clip that I noticed so I went back to find out if I can see the reason behind this grief. They got a pos 5 Earthshaker, which always contest last hit against this Ursa with Totems. It happened for all of the creeps in 2 successive waves, thus tilting the latter.

Fast forward in post-5 to 15-mins, Ursa went on to jungle after going 0-6 and he blocked their own camps. So I say to myself "this is clearly griefing now though there was a major factor for doing so". I was inclined to end this review coz I also thought the whole clip was about Ursa's throw (btw, it was more than 1-hour game and was a base race and it was cut short so I never knew if they won the game).

I skipped every 3-5 minute clip on the same review and found out that Ursa suddenly had some common decent items (Blink, Basher, Phase Boots, S and Y and almost a BKB 35 minutes into the game). To make it short, he still played the game despite of the start that he had. I was glad to see that he played it out but was disappointed to never find out whether they won or not.

I hope that there's an option to convict a different player on the same game. I wanted to report ES badly. But what's your opinion, guys? Is Ursa guilty or not?


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