Interisting MSK experience.

Was playing on my 124 Alt trying Subzero Zenith for MSK.

Had a 2 other random in public (1 lynx and one the Kunai reduce cool time elimination hero with lynx in his support)

  • My role that I assumed: clearing normal husk and mist monster and those small shielder creatures by freezing then to death by a Xenon Bow. Along with being the Tank/Support that can survive all msk attack and the storm, hence revive teammates.

  • Lynx was doing the Crystal

  • The kunai cool down hero was focousing mini bosses.

On first horn we got lucky.

On second horn it showed failed and the "x" mark of failed to break horn and lastly kunai hero left (but I was shocked that the storm didn't close on us and looked at the MSK horns both were broken!)

There was no mini boss and not even a single husk. It felt so weird.

After like 20 sec the 10 min was reached and storm closed. Being the tank and holding +120 armor baron with healing pad is an easy win for me even in the storm you just run in circles and dps msk while holding the baron and adding healing pads.

So the discussion is… was this a bug? the only other explanation I have in my mind is following:

  • Either due to lag or ping difference did have an effect as exactly 1 hit was left (so maybe other players ping played a role)
  • Dose MSK horn take any affliction dmg? (didn't pay attention what melee weapon my team mate where using but this is my next logical explanation).

So anyone had similar experience like this one, or theory of why the HUD visually displayed that we failed breaking the horn, but in reality it was broken?

(From my side using xenon and doing crit dmg on crystal will cause the 3 second affliction of subzero zenith ability damage so if a crystal needed 1 hit and it disappeared while having affliction it will break even if it disappeared. That is why I asked if the same can be true for horns ? maybe a hero with melee affliction in support?)


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