Intermediate Player Advice

Greetings Commanders!

Some background:

I play a few hours a week, and love the games. Its great fun. Mostly I like combat, but will do the space trucking later.

So far I worked my way up through a bunch of ships until I could buy a Python. Then I managed to looses a lot of money by getting blown up a bunch of times. Part of the game!

Now I am back in my Chieftain bounty hunting again, which I like.

My question is this:

Now that I can make a bit of cash, there is so much to do.

Do other Commanders go for unlocking engineering first, or explore the new permits (like Sol), or follow the current events, like delivering supply to stations or fighting Xenos?

I like the sandbox aspect of the game, but as playing the game is a weekend thing, I dont want to waste a lot of time. Like buying a python at a a station that does not sell an upgrade, and get blown up by a Vulture three times in a row.

Any advice is appreciated!

Oh, I then got my Chieftain back and blew up the Vulture!



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