International friend can’t connect to my personal dedicated server.

I'm running a separate persistent server on my PC in the background.

My other friends can connect to my server via community no problem and they all live in the same country (Canada)

However one of my friends lives in the U.S. and is unable to connect through community, so it's led me to believe that it's possibly regionally related? However fortunately direct IP connection works fine.

While troubleshooting we had made sure to give sufficient time (at-least a minute or two) for the servers to populate and it still didn't show up for them.

No rush as we have found a temp solution but thought I'd throw this out there and hear your suggestions/input.

I'll update the description when/if we find a solution! 🙂

*Edit: Currently tagging as "Discussion" but I'll update the tag as a "Bug" only if we know it's on Valheim's side.


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