”Intimidate” keyword anti-synergies with logic of crime cards

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Most of crime is about damaging. At least in crime decks we play damaging ones, so i want to explain with an example. It'll be more clear this way.

All of crime players starts with portal, then plays another intimidate card like halfling after that, plays something like boar(intimidate 2) or whoreson etc. so it's been three turn, while i'm setting up my engines and other side of the board is setting up too. I start playing crimes after my setup but in the meantime, engines of my opponent is already ticking. Kerack city guard has already been 6 strength or nauzica sergeant(we can count lots of engine). Crimes stand for removal value yet there's a dilemma right there. you have to choose : remove engines or setup your engines. either way you lose value. Portal got already nerfed and putting all intimidate on board is too slow. you have to pray that your opponent does not have that much engines otherwise you play your removals just for trigger keyword, not to kill. how can we say that is a control deck while you cant control shit? look at st or sk control decks, they dont need to setup anyhing to get full value.

I think there's easy solution for make it right. keyword can be changed a lil bit. intimidate : when the unit appearanced on board, boost it by the amount of crime played THIS ROUND and then whenever a crime is played.(excuse my lang. wording can be better ofc)

in some kind of matchup you have to play all crimes in the beginning of round then you fucking wait for ages to get total 6 value(because left no crime) from your fucking portal.

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