Introduction to station rescue ops – intended for first time SAR pilots

A short(well, sort of..) introduction to station rescue

Being new to the game and not having done station rescues before? Right now we are dealing with an aftermath of a massive terrorist attack and everyone wants to help rescuing people from the burning stations, but how?

First, the basics: the damaged starports are dangerous places to be in.

– There is debris floating around making navigation difficult.

– Visibility is limited due to all the smoke and fires.

– Also, it is quite toasty: once you enter the station, your ship will overheat in less than 30 seconds.

– On top of that, your docking computer will not save you here: docking systems are offline.

So, how do we do the rescue?

– First, practice docking without the docking computer: turn it off, take off and land a couple times exiting and entering a starport until you get a hang of it. Do this on a rescue ship or another station. You do NOT want to start practicing manual docking inside a burning station!

– Then, you need as many Economy Classs Passenger Cabins as you can fit in your ship. The more the better.

– Also, you want to bring a small shield with you to protect against the floating debris and random explosions.

– Bring heatsinks: every utility slot save for perhaps one shield booster should be filled with heat sinks.

Thats all you need: passenger cabins, small shield, heatsinks. Now you need to put them to good use.

Approach the station and request docking as usual.

– Deploy hardpoints and select your heatsinks so they are ready when(not if) you need them.

– Once through what's left of the airlock, check the direction to your pad from the compass (upper left corner of your radar, on top of heat display) and steer towards it. Try to stay in the middle of the station until you are almost on top of your pad: the closer you are to the walls, the more you will be tossed around by the explosions. Use heatsinks as needed.

– If there is debris blocking you, calmly push it out of your way: thats what you have the shields for. Save for the largest pieces, most debris can be shoved aside. If you start navigating around them, you will lose valuable time (remember, you are overheating) and risk being tossed around by the explosions thus creating more problems. Also, DO NOT SHOOT at the debris. The station might not like it 🙂

– Once you touch down on the pad, the pad elevator automatically takes you below. Select Passenger Lounge, pick up as many survivors as you can. Once you are full, it is time to depart.

– If you get a fine for blocking another pad, do not bother continuing to dock: head back to the rescue ship, pay off the fine and return. This can happen if an explosion pushes you over another landing pad and you can't clear it on time. You could dock if you wanted, but the station services will be blocked by Anonymity Protocol and you won't be able to save the people burning alive. Proper parking is serious business in the 34th century! (/sarcasm)

– When you launch, you will immediately start gaining heat. Drop a heatsink as soon as you are free of the pad, ascend to the middle of the station and calmly head for the exit. Drop off the survivors at the rescue ship, repair and rearm. Rinse, repeat.

Some resources:

How to dock:

List of nearby stations selling Size 2-6 Economy Cabins, Heat Sinks and Size 3D,4D Shield Generators:


Beta-1 Tucanae, Adams Orbital


Alioth, Golden Gate


Dongzi, Penrose Ring


LP377-100, Hutchinson Orbital


Dievat, Bothezat City


Arexe, Janes Horizons


LHS 215, Spring Gateway


V405 Hydrae, Tennyson d'Eyncourt Gateway


EQ Pegasi, Merbold Ring

Good luck out there!

End Transmission


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