Invisible Sniper Scav on Customs?

Are you kidding me.

So, apparently, there’s an invisible sniper scav on the southern railroad tracks on Customs.

I’m level 7 and trying my best. I just battled it out with some terminator looking chad next to the tracks (by some porta-potties), and finally killed him. I was elated. I suck at this game.

Some sniper was shooting at me, so I assumed it was from the warehouse where Reshala spawns. I ran across the train tracks to get to the other side, so I could lay down and heal, and immediately get shot by something. I stopped and turned to the end of the tracks thinking, “Oh shit, is somebody camping back there?”


It said “raid terminated early”, so I googled that, and I found out there’s an invisible sniper scav.

“LmAo U gOt TaRkOv’D.” I can hear it all ready.

Why? Why is there an invisible sniper guarding a perfectly viable path across the train tracks? In a hyper-realistic shooter? Why. That’s bullshit. I didn’t try to go out-of-bounds. There’s no reason for me to expect that hugging the caboose of the train there will get me head-eyed by some ethereal, all-seeing, INVISIBLE sniper.

Fuck you, EFT. This game gives me fucking hives with how “You die, you learn” it is. There’s absolutely no reasonable expectation for me to be cucked by a ghost at that spot, which seems to be absolutely fair-game.

Maybe if he can be invisible, they can add an enormous, neon-green sign floating above those tracks saying, “OUT OF BOUNDS”.

So glad I have to do this quest again, after doing physically everything I could to stay alive, and succeeding, until the game decided it didn’t want me to.

Edit: It’s an hour later and looking back on this I realize I was a tensey bit hot-headed when writing this post. It was my fault, and you live and you learn, yada yada yada. It seems like every day I learn about something new that’ll kill me in tarkov. Here’s hoping I make it to level 10!


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