Invisible space stations in Odyssey?

I’ve just come back to the game after big break and decided to buy Odyssey. It seems like it’s not quite as bad as I’d heard and I’m kinda enjoying it so far despite encountering a few bugs with unncompletable missions.

However the one thing that’s really bugging me at the moment is invisible space stations. Every time I approach a station it’s invisible until I’m almost on top of it. Yesterday it actually spawned with me inside it and I got destroyed for loitering.

It’s isn’t just hidden graphically either, it doesn’t show up in comms until I’m 1-2km away. This never occurred in Horizons. I’m having to approach the place where I know the station is very slowly and carefully wait for it to appear.

Is this something everyone deals with or is there some graphics setting I can tweak? It’s pretty damn immersion breaking and it occurs with every space based station, but not the ones on planets.


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