Is Among Us dying?

Does it seem to anyone else as if Among Us is getting worse and worse lately?

The thirty-second adverts came first. Those coming in basically kills your chance of keeping together any good player dynamic you've found. Most people will leave rather than watch those pathetic-looking fake phone game adverts for half a minute.

And why wouldn't they? It takes less than 30 seconds to close Among Us, restart it and be back in a game. Plus even if you wait, often the game will have filled out or started without you when you finish anyways.

And now lately it seems like the servers went from iffy to awful. People getting kicked out mid-game en masse due to server errors, which ruins any of the discussion that's integral to the game ("Black seems a lil sus… oh wait Black left… well.. Red seemed kinda- oh…")

I know Friends Lists are supposed to be coming to keep ppl together, but they'll still be no use if games are nigh unplayable due to errors and very long adverts. Is this the bell tolling on the best phone game I've ever played?


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