Is anyone else skeptical about the planned “traveling multiple maps” feature?

On one hand, I think the idea of having to travel through multiple maps to get to your destination/wherever your end goal is is pretty neat. You'll probably see load outs change, become larger, and people moving with a purpose. They won't be stopping for just any random shack, they'll be like a military unit pushing for a specific objective.

On the other hand, thats going to be kind of a negative thing for this game.

The meta of the game is to rush hot spots already. People haul ass to wherever the most loot is on the best maps and get the fuck out. Most raids are pretty much dead and done with with by the 10 minute mark it seems.

So say you have groups of people who want to go to Labs, but have to cut through customs, those people are probably going to play cautiously, as to not lose their labs loadout. They're going to take the most optimal route to sneak through customs as fast as possible. This is going to lead to even more dead and boring raids.

It might be one of those things we'll have to see implemented first, but I feel like the meta of Tarkov which involves rushing and cheesing stuff as fast as possible will get in the way and make certain maps less exciting or feel empty.


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