Is Emhyr too weak?

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When I first saw emhyr, I was excited. Spies were always my favorite archetype for NG, an since usurper I always wanted more opportunities to seize spying units or get more value out of them, so emyhr sounded absolutely fantastic. However in practice it feels weak. The only cards worth seizing are engines and cards that otherwise benefit by staying on the board. Seizing cards that only have deploy value or similar just clogs your side with 1 power units. Emhyr’s value drops further when compared to some of the other cards introduced with it: unitless ST, eist tall summon, card spawning and summoning, etc. It also suffers from the fact that the value is based on how early it’s on the board. Eist can get full value in one turn (blaze and bloodthirst 2) and Eldain is the last (and sometimes only) unit card played in a round. (Foltest has the same issue but in his case I would argue that summoning a 4 point dun banner is much better than seizing a 1 point spy.) And getting a unit to 1 power isn’t even that easy. Even if your opponent doesn’t try to protect its units, there are three cards that can reliably damage a unit to 1 point (enforcers and Philippe, kind of). Disabling these will also dismantle the build.

If emyhr’s ability was something less self harmful or fragile, like spawning a 1 power copy or a spying enemy unit (and triggering deploy abilities) (spawning so not to give assimilate too much power) and getting charges for every spying unit (like seditious aristocrats).

But that’s just my opinion, and maybe I’m missing something that makes him op or something. Free free to voice your opinion in the comments*

*provided we do not incur the wrath of the benevolent Chinese government and receive another card artwork nerf

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