Is FIR going to be tweaked/changed in regards to player gear


I would like to know from BSG themselves if a change is planned to be made. Honestly, the game was fun many patches ago, at this point the game is becoming less fun, more harder and just a complete nuisance to play. There is no incentive to PvP anymore literally, never has been with this entire patch. I try to keep playing but just can't, next to the many things broken/wrong with this patch, FIR and its affect on player gear is just a huge question mark.

Idk if this has been talked about but dogtags being more valuable or just player gear being sold on the flea like before or at the very least, make it so the player gear you get off players is worth something to the vendors.

In regards for balance etc, this isn't a way to fix your broken economy and meta that is also "fixed" with wipes. Come up with an actual solution instead of ruining the overall gameplay experience and loop of the game. And yes I know this was probably introduced to counter RMT, but that is just sad if RMT takes more priority than the gameplay experience and general bug fixes.

I am not sure if others agree but I find many are against the FIR for player gear.


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