Is Horizons much better looking than Odyssey? Any suggestions to make Odyssey playable in VR?

I don’t mean to complain but I play ED in VR and when I ordered and played the Odyssey alpha, I just thought it was going to improve over the following months through a beta and then eventually become polished and ready for a full release but instead they released it a couple weeks later straight of alpha. You all know this but I’m trying to come back to play and I’m having having technical barriers. First off, Odyssey is pretty much unplayable in VR because of the performance. Secondly, when I tried Odyssey last night and immediately switched to Horizons, I noticed how much better Horizons looks including the sky box, ships, ship interior, planets, etc… Is FD planning on making Odyssey look better than Horizons or is it gonna look the way it does now?

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting Odyssey playable in VR? Either Quest 2 or Index. PC – i7 10700k, RTX 3080, 36 GB Ram.

I really miss ED. I have around 3000 hours in and really want to get back in and join everyone in Odyssey.

Thanks in advance!


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