Is it a good idea to recommend monsters as starting faction to new players?

the witcher and ciri gwent

When you start playing, you need to pick a deck for the tutorial, and the game recommends the monster starter deck. It says something along the lines of "easy deck for beginners" if I remember correctly. And since that's the deck you're familiar with already, you're gonna keep playing it in your first real matches, buy your first kegs for monsters and so on. I did that myself and from reading posts by new players in this sub, many do the same.

In my opinion, that is a problem, because besides the frost/wild hunt archetype and some unique cards (e.g. yaga or kelly), the monsters faction has ZERO interaction with the enemy side of the board. You play your cards, hope that they don't get destroyed and generate your points.

I climbed to rank 15 or something with my homebrew deathwish/consume deck and then got really frustrated by the game because I kept losing to control, but I manifested to myself I was a "monsters main" and didn't wanna play other factions, it got so bad that I didn't play at all for a few months.

Then I came back and said to myself: Fuck it, I'll try skellige. And surprise, suddenly I started winning again, because I finally was able to properly damage/kill enemy units and therefore answer my opponents strats instead of just hoping I would get more points in the end. It felt amazing and I felt so dumb that I missed out on all of this because I "mained monsters" for many months.

So, why not recommend new players skellige, scoia tel or northern realms? Or make them play the tutorial matches with 3 different factions?

So, in conclusion, I personally think encouraging new players to play monsters is a bad thing. what does this sub think about this? Do you agree, disagree or maybe just don't care what new players do? Let's discuss 🙂


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