Is it even worth it to play legitimately at this point?

Can I get your thoughts, r/EscapefromTarkov?

If you don't have hacks at this point in the wipe, why even play?

I know my way around Tarkov and how to lose all of my roubles in labs if I want. I even know how to rely solely upon the tried and true asshole annihilator, the Mosin-Nagant, solely using SNB to rat my way to the 100 million rouble mark. I've put over 450 hours this wipe on Reserve alone (my favorite map). Case in point, I know how to play and I know damn well that no matter how good you are (I'd say I'm average or slightly above average at best) you could always fall prey to a rat and. No big deal. It's one of the main reasons that I play Tarkov and I can proudly say that I love this game more than any game I've played in the last decade. The only feeling I have that is more intense than my love for this game is the hatred I have towards hackers and how I cannot have a raid anymore without some asshat floating 40 meters overhead and wiping the whole map with a single mag dump from their VSS or M4 loaded with the top tier ammo and proceeding to fuck the whole point of the game. In the last 2 weeks, I have seen blatant hacking in the MAJORITY of the raids I have done on interchange, customs (mostly aim hacks on this one), labs (only hackers seem to fuck with this one anymore), and reserve.

It is becoming unenjoyable to bother loading into raid because one of 2 things happens; I do my thing and play the game to death or extraction like a normal person, or I get F'ed sideways by dickhead who used mommy's money to buy a hack overlay/injector so they can feel an inkling of significance to their shameful existence, the latter being the most frequent. How am I supposed to enjoy the ups and downs of Tarkov when the downs are guaranteed at this point? I know BSG is doing their best and they have my full support as I know how frustrating it is to code in unity and combat the loopholes and bugs, but I'm finally losing my will to play.

I figured I would hop into some groups that my friends play so I can get some thicc bois to roll out with, but I was horrified to find that my own teammates (not my friends, just the random ones) were hacking. I was even invited by some guys I met in-raid as a hatchling to their discord only to find it was a hub for currently working and undetected hacks. WTF?!? Is the cheating community becoming the majority? Have I had the wool pulled over my eyes this whole time?

Gamers, what are your thoughts/opinions/experiences with these kinds of issues?

In such a short period of time, I've seen a number of "You are bad. Get good. Don't whine noob, etc." comments.

I acknowledge this in my original post and I clarify below in some of my replies that people are just better than I am. This is not a revelation as I know that I am no star player. Please understand that this post was made in reaction to a ring of hackers exposing themselves to me and showing me the underground of a hacking culture that I did not know existed until I saw it for myself. The number of people within the ring was staggering to me and the number of people that they called out as "sus as f*ck" while the were hacking was equally as surprising. I cannot stop thinking about it as I play now because of the number of hacks that were shown to be used around me without my knowledge.


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