Is it just me but do most people leech in twine?

Sorry if I'm ranting too much

I'm doing 160s, most missions I go to have a full squad but most of the times it's either I'm the only one helping or it's me and another guy.

Why is it if I have a full squad I have to do most if not all the work?

I'm always doing the trap tunnels and base while everyone just stands there and watches?

Most of the time they'll help with firing their gun I'll give them that. But aren't traps supposed to do most if not all the work in 160s?

Doing 160s isn't cheap, it costs me alot of mats to do them. It would significantly reduce the cost If people contributed.

Funny part is I don't even run constructor (I don't even have a loadout which is sad). But people still expect me to do anything.

Does anyone else experience this or am I just really unlucky?


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