Is it just me or does the ai of reshalas gaurds not work properly in dorms.

It seems like whenever reshala and the boys spawn at gas station or that building in the customs expansion they function properly with reshala hiding and the guards pushing you aggressively.

But whenever they spawn in dorms, they all just sit in rooms acting as if the player isn't there until they have a direct line of sight with them. Not responding to sprinting or grenades or anything. Even when they see you, they usually dont even chase and they just stay in their individual rooms. Occassionally switching from one room to another making them easy to pick off one by one.

This bugs me because it not only takes the real fun out of fighting reshala, it just makes it a long tedious process of carefully clearing every room in dorms because you cant bait them with sound queues or anything else thats actually strategic. Instead of having an intense fight with powerful ai, it just becomes slowly peeking every doorway in the building and spraying each of the gaurds down. And on the rare occasions where they do come after you, they always just sprint straight at you making it incredibly easy to spray them down as long as they dont catch you off gaurd by being in an adjacent room when you weren't expecting it.

Ironically enough, the 1 out of 10 times where this doesnt happen, they hear me approaching dorms from a mile away and all of them including reshala will run out and try to chase me down.

In summary, this seems to indicate to me that the ai doesnt work as well in dorms in general. Especially since I have seen similar behavior with standard scavs, its just much more noticeable with reshalas gaurds because theyre supposed to be far more aggressive than the standard scavs.


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