Is it just me or people nowadays cry like hell?

Mod Skin Dota 2

Today I played medusa position 1 and was stomping the game. I had a pos 3 underlord who cried because I didnt give him the cheese ( basically I didnt read the chat ) then he started griefing. Ofc we lost the game.

The next game I am Puck pos2 and I stomp midlane. We were all stomping and taking t3 at 20-25 minutes. (We were playing vs a techies).
Unlucky for me I had a pos 1 LC who didnt build a BKB in 30 minutes. At some point , since we were playing vs a techies I looked at the shop and there was something like 4 observers and 10 sentries available. So I asked my supports to start buying f*ing vision because we were playing vs techies.

The game started to degenerate since my pudge started crying and went full griefing for the second game in row (wasn't the same guy as before). At some point of the game he started role playing saying to the other team that if they were not going to attack him he would have just passed by. Then since they killed him, he suddendly became an active player and started playing the game again. Just wanna point that we didnt need him at all and we managed to push and get megas playing without him.

So the strange thing here is something he wrote at the end of the game about me asking for f*ing wards, and idk I just laughed like hell when I saw this

I mean. I feel like 7.29 came out a lot of people who doesn't even care about winning or losing came back and they're ruining all of my games. I dropped like 500 mmr last 2 weeks.

Anyone having the same issue?

Just wanted to blow off some steam.


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