Is it safe to say that the bigger streamers are done with this game?

Throwing this out there because I've noticed that most of them just get really upset when the game doesn't play exactly how they want it to. Dr. Disrespect is a really good example, with his big freakout on stream back in Febuary when he got smacked by a rat bitching because "I'm pushing people with pistols and they backpedal with no guts sitting in the dark" wahwah. Lvndmark takes his two-day rage quits more and more often, but seems to only come back because it's what pays him. Shroud's comeback to EFT was shortlived. Do you guys think with the waves of popularity dying down will improve the game eventually, spurring changes in favor of the fanbase? Or will Nikita rip his hair out trying to get them to stay when Pestily is eventually the only one left?

Side note: support your small hard-working content creators. It made me sad to see Veritas with such a low viewpoint but 4k people are cool with listening to a bigger streamer complain about stream sniping for hours


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