Is it time to buff neutral techs?

gerald witcher3 gwent

Im salty about Nr Mages so take this as a rambling and dont be rude if you find the question dumb.

Techs like Mandrake, and Epidemics being buffed could stabilize the meta cause at the moment control cards seem so weak that you need to fill your entire deck with them to be able to control those engine overload factions like Nr and you have to run control factions like Ng to be able to compete. Im mainly a Meme player and a Mo,St and Sk enthusiast and i suposse that everyone else feels like a nerf to mages is the way to go but we thought the same about relicts and now Mo is unplayable cause of the previous nerfs. I feel like having direct easy counters to a toxic strategy with techs is better than nerfing and making a faction worse or at least the devs should give that a try in my opinion.

In the past many techs like epidemics were nerfed cause the units couldnt put up with effects that destroyed the all weakest cards but nowadays we have units like db whisperer that fill an entire row or cards that summon more units like if it was a procession or an anterage and being able to punish hard would swing the game to midrange again.

Feel free correct me if im wrong on this, just be polite while doing so.


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