Is Masquerade Ball still Meta?

witcher triss merigold gwint

I only started playing Gwent 24 days ago but I know masquerade ball used to be one of the most meta decks in the game. So I was surprised to encounter almost no ball decks in my way down to pro rank. I just got to pro rank a couple days ago and was expecting to be facing a ton of other ball decks but was surprised to see mainly mill, jackpot, and siege. I'm fine with all this (well maybe not mill with the way it is right now lol), but it just makes me wonder masquerade ball isn't as strong anymore?

The reason why I ask is because I actually ran a ball deck the whole time I've played the game, I pretty much exclusively play Nilfgaard. I thought the deck was incredibly strong but not incredibly overpowered (besides the blightmaker combo which I omitted from my deck in favor of more deck manipulation). I know a lot of people like playing meme decks, I've have fun running all poison decks and stuff, but at at like ranks 5 – 1 it seemed to me a lot of players were genuinely trying to play what's meta and none of it was ever ball.

I just want to know what your guys thoughts are on where ball stands in the current meta. Is it just not as good anymore or are people just getting bored of it? Even when heatwave would straight up banish it immediately I found the thirsty dames and usurper would surfice if I played my cards correctly.


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