Is my rank right because l play support? Am I a fraud?

Mod Skin Dota 2

Hello, can l consider myself as a Divine player because l play support? Pos 5-3 roles are my favorites to play, but l usually perform worse if l play either pos 1 or 2. Am l bad, and get carried by better players?

If l have to think about certain counters to some carry heroes, l dont usually know what l should pick because l am the support player who picked in the first phase and all l can do to counter enemy heroes are by items, and l don't have to think counters. Thats why l feel like a fraud.

My MMR rn is 4.8k with 2,2k hours, and some of my friends who are higher mmr say its impressive or ask me how l did it, but l don't know how to answer, because l just play Dota. l have moba experience from dota1 around 1k hours, lol 1,5 k hours, hots 300 hours and some hero shooters.

Some may think this post is about stroking my ego or asking for a head pats, but sometimes l feel like a cheater or a fraud because l don't have same kind of knowledge someone else same rank player has. Any thoughts please?


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