Is NG just ridiculously overturned this patch or what?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Small rant, I'm currently rank 2 and more than 70 per cent of the time I'm facing against NG running the same boring, vomit-inducing decks. Even when I do win it feels like such a boring match, I get the whole point of the faction is to be able to play your own cards against you but I feel like they're super overturned. For example:

  1. Coup de grace into Jouchim is a joke along with the echo, I had this guy play something like 7 cards in a row that lead to a 50 point swing?
  2. Imperial practitioner spam spawn into Vilgefortz: renegade and they end up with like 20 Artifact scenarios, easy win from then on
  3. Very cheap removal options: Yeneffers invocation, Vilgefortz, etc…

I play MO and SK primarily, I can win with unitless control heavy decks like Kelly but as soon as I decide to play something remotely different I get absolutely demolished. Is it me or is NG actually overturned atm?


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