Is Odyssey worth it for a VR-only player yet?

I used to play Elite: Dangerous religiously until my second child was born, over 5 years ago. Right around the time PowerPlay came out is when I stopped. I had already pre-ordered Horizons but between now and then I've played maybe 30 minutes of Elite just to land on a planet and be able to say I did it.

But now I'm fixing to get back in! I've got a Quest 2, and a RTX 3080, and a HOTAS w/ rudder petals!

I'm sort of familiar w/ the story of how Odyssey launched as a shit show, and am also under the impression they've been fixing it up since then. At the time of this posting then, is it worth it to pick up Odyssey as a VR player? Or should I just skip it for now? (I'm primarily combat focused, but I do like to do scenic trips every once in awhile.) I have absolutely zero interest in participating in the on-foot FPS missions in any way shape or form – I'll only be flying or piloting an SRV.

Side question: Do I nuke my profile and start all over in a Sidewinder? Or continue where I left off in my Viper?


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