Is “Ratting Out an Innocent” Considered Bad Form?

Me and Lime was playing as imposter and I'm really not good at it. Ended up killing in front of almost everyone and everyone rightfully was voting for me at the meeting.

But I came up with a plan. With my dying breath, I told everyone "I'm gonna rat out my imposter buddy. The other imposter is Cyan" who was an innocent man. I was thrown into the lava, but now there was discourse and they held another meeting immediately and voted out Cyan, which it then revealed they weren't the imposter, so they held another meeting and voted out the person who held the first meeting and then another. Leaving Lime, the actual other imposter, only needing to kill once to win.

Everyone then accused me of cheating and said to ban me, even though I don't think I did anything wrong. What are your thoughts on it? Is this a legitimate strategy?


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