Is Sepositus Beacon still the farthest reachable star from Sag A without a carrier?

o7 everyone. I asked a similar question in EliteExplorers, but that subreddit seems dead. I am curious if Angosk OM-W d1-0 (Sepositus Beacon) is still the farthest reachable star from Sag A without using a fleet carrier. I have found conflicting information on this. Edsm, for example, lists a much farther star as the current record but I think it must have been reached via carrier.

There’s a reason I’m asking this. Some of you may remember me as the crazy guy who went from the Bubble to Ishum’s Reach without a fuel scoop on my ship and broke an Elite record. Here was my original post:

I was so burnt out after this that I took a break from Elite for awhile. But I’m getting that itch to go out in the black again, and I’m planning to try to set another record. This time, I’m considering flying to the farthest reachable star from Sag A. Sepositus Beacon is about 5000 light years farther from the galactic core than Ishum’s Reach. Technically, this will be a shorter journey – but based on my calculations it will be far more dangerous: at least two 10,000 light year crossings without refueling in the most star sparse region of the galaxy, where my fuel efficiency will plummet even with economical plotting. I’m not entirely sure if it is feasible.

But if Sepositus isn’t the farthest, then I want to know which system is, so I can calculate if this is even worth the time. Thanks for the help if anyone reads this :).


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