Is shoreline fun to play as an end-game map ?

I mainly play reserve but due to the terrible performances since 12.8 I can't really play it anymore until the situation gets better.

So I'm kinda looking for new maps, I have fun on customs but the potential big loot is pretty lacking and there is lots of new players wich is pretty boring to pvp against. I still play customs, labs and factory from time to time but I don't see myself playing a lot of theses maps on a regular basis for different reasons.

So I've been looking into Shoreline, the map seems to have some pros (big loot, higher lvl players chasing it) but also some things that I consider very bad such as the importance of spawns, the few extracts, the scav boss not really fun to play because he's just on crack.

What are your experiences on Shoreline this wipe, as a whole is it fun ? How do you deal with shit spawns, do you still go for the resort if you spawn tunnel for example ?


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